Construction Update August 2017



One month and counting!

Our tentative move date is set for the end of September, and construction is in its final stages at our new headquarters on Canal Street. On the front façade, we're still waiting on the metal panels, front door and deck railing. On the inside, they're wrapping up kitchen cabinetry, restroom tile and fixtures, and some final finish details. Grand opening party timing TBD, but please stay tuned.

Canal Street Exterior Aug2017 1600X2133
Canal Street Interior Aug2017 1600X2133
Windows Assembly 1600X1600

They say every construction project has its achilles heel, and the windows have been the stickiest part of our project. They come from a company in Germany called Unilux, and they are beautiful. But they were significantly delayed, and many of the details were wrong when they arrived — doors opening the wrong way, incorrect finishes, missing parts, and so on. Here they are, being assembled on the second floor, prior to installation.

Canal Street Atrium2 2400X1200
Canal Street Stairs 1600X1600
Canal Stairs 1600X1600

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