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Turnstyle stands with all those fighting against systemic racism, racial injustice and inequality. And we know we can do more within our company and our community to foster change.

As first steps, we made financial contributions to Campaign Zero to support improving community interactions and ending police violence and to the Black Artist + Designers Guild to foster increased representation of Black talent and culture in the design industry.

As another step, we are proud to join advertising and design agencies across the country in signing and committing to the 600 & Rising initiative. As part of that commitment, we are publicly sharing our current diversity data.

We are a small company—currently only a baker's dozen—and so it's easy for us to intuitively get a sense for how diverse we are (or aren't). In looking at the data (or just around the studio) we have a great group of people, but there are some obvious gaps—such as no Black team members. Filling these gaps could contribute valuable insight and perspective to our collective work.

Moving forward we'll be determining what actions we can take to foster and help build a more diverse and equitable future at Turnstyle and in the creative community at large.




Executive Leadership:
100% White

100% Man-Identifying

50% White
25% Latinx
25% Asian

38% Man-Identifying
62% Woman-Identifying

50% White
50% Multi-racial

100% Woman-Identifying


57% White
14% Latinx
14% Asian
14% Multi-racial

57% Man-Identifying
43% Woman-Identifying

Account/Project Mgmt:
75% White
25% Asian

25% Man-Identifying
75% Woman-Identifying

100% White

100% Man-Identifying

100% Latinx

100% Woman-Identifying

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