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Carbon Direct is a purpose-driven carbon management firm dedicated to putting climate science into action. No longer a scrappy startup, they needed a brand that better communicated the scale and capabilities of their company and that matched their approach to business — intelligent, dynamic, and distinctive.

Their new logo stays true to their founding story—focusing first and foremost on the necessity of carbon removal in our fight against climate change—but tells it in a way that is simple, memorable, and functional. A light and bright color palette reflects the energy and optimism Carbon Direct brings to their work. Messaging across the identity is succinct and action-oriented, distilling complex ideas into simple, straightforward language. 


Carbon Direct


Identity, Digital

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Functionally, Carbon Direct needed a website that worked harder to support their growing business. In addition to launching a polished and sophisticated digital experience, Carbon Direct wanted to: highlight their team throughout the site as a way of speaking to the depth and breadth of their expertise; establish a flexible, full-featured blog to establish themselves as thought leaders in the carbon removal space; and more easily and effectively generate leads and attract talent.

The site is built upon a consistent, rigorously-refined design system and leverages custom animations to communicate key messages (the balance of technical and natural, the need for negative emissions) in unexpected ways.

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