Various Logos


During our tenure as a studio, we have designed a lot of logos and realized a thing or two about what makes them successful. First, a logo is not so much about communication as it is about identification. Your accompanying visual identity system has more time and space to tell your story, but your logo needs to identify you at-a-glance. As such a logo should be simple, distinct, and relevant. And the more we operate in digital spaces, the more a logo must be adaptable to work in a wide range of (often small) applications. Below are a few logos we've designed over the years.


Various Logos



Logofolio49 Color Logofolio49 Bw
Logofolio1 Color Logofolio1 Bw
Logofolio10 Color Logofolio10 Bw
Logofolio11 Color Logofolio11 Bw
Logofolio12 Color Logofolio12 Bw
Logofolio13 Anime Logofolio13 Bw
Logofolio14 Color Logofolio14 Bw
Logofolio15 Color Logofolio15 Bw
Logofolio17 1 Color Logofolio17 1 Bw
Logofolio17 Color Logofolio17 Bw
Logofolio18 Color Logofolio18 Bw
Logofolio19 Color Logofolio19 Bw
Logofolio2 Color Logofolio2 Bw
Logofolio20 Color Logofolio20 Bw
Logofolio21 Color Logofolio21 Bw
Logofolio22 Color Logofolio22 Bw
Logofolio23 Color Logofolio23 Bw
Logofolio24 Color Logofolio24 Bw
Logofolio25 Color Logofolio25 Bw
Logofolio26 Color Logofolio26 Bw
Logofolio27 Color Logofolio27 Bw
Logofolio28 Color Logofolio28 Bw
Logofolio29 Color Logofolio29 Bw
Logofolio3 Color Logofolio3 Bw
Logofolio30 Color Logofolio30 Bw
Logofolio32 1 Color Logofolio32 1 Bw
Logofolio32 Color Logofolio32 Bw
Logofolio33 Color Logofolio33 Bw
Logofolio34 Color Logofolio34 Bw
Logofolio35 Color Logofolio35 Bw
Logofolio36 Color Logofolio36 Bw
Logofolio37 Color Logofolio37 Bw
Logofolio38 Color Logofolio38 Bw
Logofolio39 B Color Logofolio39 B Bw
Logofolio4 Color Logofolio4 Bw
Logofolio40 Color Logofolio40 Bw
Logofolio41 Color Logofolio41 Bw
Logofolio42 Color Logofolio42 Bw
Logofolio43 Color Logofolio43 Bw
Logofolio44 Color Logofolio44 Bw
Logofolio45 Color Logofolio45 Bw
Logofolio46 Color Logofolio46 Bw
Logofolio47 Color Logofolio47 Bw
Logofolio48 Color Logofolio48 Bw
Logofolio5 Color Logofolio5 Bw
Logofolio50 Color Logofolio50 Bw
Logofolio51 Color Logofolio51 Bw
Logofolio6 Color Logofolio6 Bw
Logofolio7 Color Logofolio7 Bw
Logofolio8 Color Logofolio8 Bw
Logofolio9 Color Logofolio9 Bw

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