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Revel is a multidisciplinary consulting firm with offices in Seattle and San Francisco. As a leader in the rapidly growing digital marketplace, Revel needed a brand strategy to establish their direction and to help them stand out in a crowded field of strategic business advisors.

Turnstyle developed a bold new identity and brand messaging system, featuring modifications to the logo identity, an updated color palette, iconography, infographics, typography, and a unique visual style.


Revel Consulting


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Revel Infographic

Brand Strategy

Consulting firms tend to look and sound the same, with exhaustive lists of services, industry expertise and clients. It was Revel’s belief that creating value for customers through business begins with putting customers—not projects—at the center of thinking. In collaboration with our strategy partners at Stoke, Revel adopted a brand position that focused on the nature and character of knowledge workers, and the vital role of Design Thinking in helping businesses discover and capitalize on opportunity.

Revel adopted the brand position: "With empathy to drive insights, we create powerful human experiences in the digital era. The resulting consulting model, of communities of professionals engaged to solve problems together, ultimately helps customers improve the speed, quality and consistency of delivery."

Revel street side advertisements

Design System

With humans at the center of the Revel approach, we needed to find a way to show people without falling into the tropes of typical business portraiture. Using a vibrant palette and a unique dithering pattern, we created an imagery style for Revel that allows them to represent people in a new and distinctive way. A new website—designed to be fluidly responsive across desktop and mobile devices—was one of the most robust vehicles for the updated brand.

Revel website screenshot
Revel website screenshot
Revel Icons
Revel Icons
Revel website on a mobile device
Revel Icons
Revel Icons


An insights booklet was created to help indoctrinate new employees to Revel's human-centric approach, and to introduce the firm to prospective clients. The 16-page brochure was printed offset, on premium uncoated paper using custom-mixed inks. 

A brand guideline captures the company's new strategy and documents the new visual system, giving internal team members and outside vendors the tools they need to easily create on-brand communications. 

Revel Brochure Cover
Revel Brochure Spread
Revel Brochure Spread
Revel Brochure Spreads
Revel Brand Guidelines

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