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Tektronix solutions have supported many of the greatest advances of the past 70 years — health, communication, mobility, space — Tek makes the test equipment that allows engineers to create and realize innovative technologies with greater ease, speed and accuracy. Turnstyle collaborated with Stoke to re-orient the brand away from a focus on equipment manufacturing and signal fidelity, and toward enabling scientists and engineers to make game-changing technological innovations. As part of that process, a new logo was designed, as well as an overhaul of the company’s visual identity system.




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Tek Logo 2


The blue line within the letter “k” harkens to the legacy logo, which included a prominent angled red line. The new logo’s simple, clean and bold geometry connotes precision and an engineer’s attention to detail.

Tek Moodboard 5

The redesigned logo is part of a broader visual identity system which includes several logo variations as well as a series of patterns, cropping devices and color schemes. This design toolkit gives Tek a robust set of options to allow for a balance of consistency and variety in the execution of their brand across a huge range of touch points. The redesigned identity system coincided with a design overhaul of their products (led by Seattle’s Tactile, Inc.), which allowed coordinated selection of finishes, colors and design characteristics between the brand and the products themselves.

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