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Venn at Main Apartments

Name, Brand, Signage & Collateral

Venn is a contemporary apartment building in the heart of downtown Bellevue, Washington. Targeted toward young technology workers, the building features 24/7 package delivery, collaborative work areas and easy access to downtown Bellevue’s shopping district and freeways. The name of the property carries a dual meaning, referencing the building's location at the intersection of Bellevue's historic lakefront district and its newer retail area, as well as the rich intersection of cultures and people that characterize Bellevue's technology economy. Rather than literally depicting a venn diagram, the visual identity complements the name, featuring a modular logotype that can be used horizontally, vertically, or in a stacked array.


Venn at Main Apartments


Strategy, Identity, Print, Environments

Venn Logo
Venn Building
Venn Interior
Venn Interior
Venn Interior
Venn Business Card Back
Venn Business Card Front
Venn Folder Cover
Venn Folder Interior


Working in collaboration with the architect, interior designer and builder, Turnstyle developed an extensive system of identity and wayfinding signs throughout the property. Signs use translucent and illuminated materials as well as diecut perforations to make each expression of the identity memorable and fun.

Venn Sign Over Entrance
Venn Main Entry Sign
Venn Blade Sign in daylight
Venn Blade Sign at Night
Venn Neon Sign
Venn Neon Sign in Foyer
Venn Sign Family Restroom
Venn Leasing Sign

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