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Founded in 2016, Wildtype is an agtech company working to create the cleanest and most sustainable seafood on the planet, starting with salmon. As a fast-growing startup in the emerging alternative meat industry, Wildtype focuses on growing salmon from directly cells—an alternative to traditional fishing and farming methods that has the potential to be truly transformative. If they're successful, this technology could have massive implications for global food security, the environment, and animal welfare.






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As they began to grow their operation, Wildtype needed a website that better matched the scale of their ambitions. Rather than continuing to rely on an out-of-the-box website builder, the company worked with Turnstyle to create a bespoke digital experience. We built on their new look to create a unique stage for them to show off their incredible work, allowing them to better promote their mission, increase the transparency of their work, connect with chefs and restaurateurs, and appeal to consumers who may be skeptical of lab-grown meat.

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Gettin' Jiggly With It

After evolving and launching their new brand, Wildtype sought to bring their visual system to life through an equally impressive digital experience. They wanted the site to capture the imperfect, wobbly aesthetic of their new identity—no small feat in a medium typified by straight lines and right angles. Breaking out of the box, we leverage generative design techniques to randomly morph and animate elements throughout the site, imbuing it with a feeling of dynamism and fluidity without sacrificing performance.

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Built to Thrill

It's not enough for a site to look good. Built on the Craft CMS, Wildtype's new site is designed to entice on the front end with playful interactions and mouthwatering food photography, all the while offering a robust and flexible author experience behind the scenes. Nearly every element you see can be edited, rearranged, and replaced, ensuring that the site is able to grow and evolve alongside the company.

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